The charts on this page will no longer update after March 2023. I was pulling data from the New York Times, who stopped publishing their own data sets. You can now view the latest information on the CDC Website

Minnesota Covid Rates By County

MN Covid Rates



This site tracks the Covid transmission rates for each county in Minnesota. The calculation is the same as is used by the CDC, which is the number of positive in the past 7 days per 100,000 people. The numbers should match the information found on the CDC's Covid Data Tracker. Slight differences may be due to the population estimates for specific counties. The data is read from the New York Times.

In 2021, Minnesota started categorizing the transmission rates. The ratings they used (which are reflected in the chart above) are:

Category Cumulative Cases per 100,000 Cumulative NAAT test positivity result
High (Red) >100 >10.0%
Substantial (Orange) 50-99 8.0% - 9.9%
Moderate (Yellow) 10-49 5.0% - 7.9%
Low (Blue) < 10 < 5.0%

This is slightly different from how they tracked infection rates in 2020. That calculation was the number of positive cases per 10,000 people (not 100,000) over 14 days (not 7 days).

Covid-19 Maps from the New York Times:

More Information

More Information

In guidance for school districts in late summer of 2020, the governor of Minnesota recommended using a formula that measures the infection rate to decide if schools would re-open or should be distance learning. At the time, the data was not readily available. At best, it was a week or two delayed.

This site was built to have the up-to-date calculations along with historic rates to help me better understand the current Covid situation. Originally it helped me know if my kids would be going back to school in the fall of 2020.

The data is read from the the source data sets a few times a day and the charts are recalculated and redrawn at those times. Since there are reporting delays the past few days may not have complete data and the rates may be below the actual case rate. The charts will be updated whenever new information is posted on the official websites.

This project is open source so you can use it however you want. The code is freely available on GitLab